Corporate resource planning system in natural gas distribution infrastructure management: AYBS Interactive

AYBS Interactive, present in 18 of the 72 licensed regions (in 23 provinces), is an integrated system that manages with minimal data requirement and a mistake-preventive mechanism the daily workload of organizations working in natural gas distribution industry. The system is kept up-to-date within the scope of legislations that natural gas distribution companies are obliged to comply with.

Through all its Subscription, Work Orders (Field Works), Meter Reading, Accounting, Certified Firms, Law, Construction & Investment, Stock, Human Resources, Document Management, Finance Management, Energy Purchase, Sourcing modules, AYBS Interactive makes it possible for natural gas distribution industry to manage all their needs with a single application.


  • User module; management of user’s personal data
  • Application module; management of the subscription agreement process
  • Contract module; management of the natural gas use agreement process
  • Gas Bill module; list of invoices related to the consumer
  • Meter Reading / Planning module; planning of the zones that need to be periodically read. Feeds information to the devices so that field readings can be completed.

AYBS Interactive Mobile

  • An “Android” application that allows field operations to be completed and processed into the system.

The application manages all field-related works processes like:

  • Periodic index reading
  • Work orders (activations, cut-offs, illegal use detection, emergency notification, etc.)
  • Warning notices (such as cut-off of supply due to debts)

Work Order

  • Name given to the structure that establishes connection between field works and the system
  • Manages Activation, Cut-off, Modification and Control procedures that must be done in the field throughout subscription’s life time


  • Manages information on inventories’ current status, critical and optimum level and remaining quantity available in the warehouse required by the distribution industry


  • Dashboard is the reporting system which allows graphical data analysis mostly used by administrators
  • Data reports allow reported data to be presented to the customer in excel, word or pdf formats


  • Enables the natural gas distribution company to manage and declare all of its financial liabilities such as E-Ledger, E-Archive, E-Invoice, VAT declaration and B-Trans


    • SMS Integration; used for consumer notifications
    • KPS (Personal Data Sharing System) Personal Data Integration; automated feed of personal data obtained from civil registry office by simply entering the TC identity number
    • KPS Address Integration; verifies the user who wants to make a transaction’s current address
    • Online Collection Integration; bills are collected via internet banking
    • Map Integration; building’s data required to start the subscription process is retrieved
    • E-Archive, E-Invoice, E-Government, E-Ledger Integrations; manage subscription processes and enables bills and monthly financial transactions information to be delivered to the Turkish Revenue Administration via integrators
    • Domestic installation (Zetacad and Gasline) Integrations; manage the admittance and verification processes of domestic installation projects