The Cloud system that allows secure access to all infrastructure management tasks regardless of where and when: AYBS Cloud

Each current data can instantly be saved on AYBS Cloud; system’s user-friendly interfaces make management and analysis easier. The system can be integrated with 3rd party software such as Zetacad and Gasline, which allows all kinds of operations related to the project to be performed through the software.

AYBS Cloud is able to be integrated with geographic information systems and to reflect possible changes to the system. Field staff have direct access to the system via mobile devices, which makes possible to promptly complete transactions. Subscribers can choose to receive automated SMSs or e-mails. Citizens’ subscription processes are easily effectuated thanks to E-Government integration. AYBS Cloud works in full integration with E-Archive and E-Invoice under the scope of the E-Transformation Project.

All reports needed by the company in defined intervals can be automatically sent via e-mail by AYBS Cloud. Thanks to customized indicators, managers receive summary information without getting lost in details.


As part of the Cloud service we offer, your data is protected against malicious attempts and we keep your sensitive information encrypted.

No need to worry about other firms reaching your data. Our software uses open source codes. In case of contingency, our recovery scenarios prevent any data loss and ensure your system’s uninterrupted operation.