We prefer further specialize in what we have expertise instead of expanding into several sectors.

Our main expertise relies on finance and energy distribution projects throughout the country.

The Unemployment Insurance Fund, Turkey’s biggest fund with its turnover over ₺100 billion, uses our software for its operations. We have skilfully provided KGF (Credit Guarantee Fund) with required software for more than 20 years; KGF, Turkey’s most powerful financial instrument institution, guarantees loans of hundreds of billions of Turkish Liras given by banks to hundreds of thousands of companies and millions of people and also takes part in European Union Funds’ distribution.

We provide integration between several banks and thousands of branches. We support dozens of open joint stock companies in creating financial statements with our software. We combine advanced engineering models with powerful interfaces in risky constructions’ supervision and support projects for safe cities.

We administer multiple distribution companies’ all business processes in natural gas distribution regions across the country, take part in hundreds of thousands of natural gas subscribers’ uninterrupted service, and carry out natural gas consumption efficiency studies on residential basis.

We operate in 18 of the 72 gas distribution regions in Turkey and we aim to incorporate at least 10 more of them.

We performed categorization by compiling information of millions of online trade products at 97% success rate.

We traced nearly one million brands and supported hundreds of thousands of designs’ and patents’ management with our software.

We supported with our software the monitoring of about a thousand of affiliates’ online trade operations from all around the world.

We supplied services to 25 of the first 500 companies in the sector-independent services list and 80 firms in the open joint stock companies list.

Detailed information on our KOBIT, AYBS (Infrastructure Management Data System) Interactive, AYBS Cloud, Yap.NET, Water and Wastewater Management projects as well as other projects are available on relevant pages.