We keep our name and language local, our scope global.

Our Road to Mastery

Our story began in mid-90s with the software company founded by a METU (Middle East Technical University) graduate engineer and kept evolving with contributions of our team’s every single member.

By 2000, we changed our name following our new shareholding structure and our distinct corporate culture; that’s when USTA was born. Meanwhile, our ventures related to financial reporting systems blossomed to make us permanent service providers for institutions like the Turkish Employment Agency and the Credit Guarantee Fund; that’s when we knew for sure we had chosen the right name.

By the end of the 2000s’ first decade, our dynamic team was qualified enough for technologically upgrading ongoing projects and bringing to our company the infrastructures required by new demands.

We considered USTA as a school and opted for a process management prone to support the development of everyone working with us.

At USTA everyone uses their creativity but we keep codes in line with USTA’s tradition because tradition is the result of experience and saves time. Each of our jobs starts with a project design. We analyze requirements, set priorities and perform source and time planning. We establish flexible and efficient data infrastructures for all kinds of advanced database systems. We make sure that all chart-enhanced user interfaces we develop during the process are easily understood, interactive, suitable for current conditions and highly effective.

Our products’ strength comes from our experience and eagerness to learn. We establish cordial relationships, which improve our work quality.

After analyzing the company’s business conduct and execution processes, we perform process management by building expandable structures appropriate to the hierarchy. As for integrated systems, we build service-based integration channels either between the enterprise’s various departments or between the enterprise and other institutions. We prepare sophisticated report-building structures which are scalable, able to provide either summary or detailed information that are compatible with both operational and management requirements.

Our qualified team provides continuous maintenance and technical support as intensively as required during the project’s lifetime.